December 3, 2023

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Uncommon blood-sucking fish discovered washed ashore on the Netherlands seashore

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A marine biologist who was strolling on the shores of a seashore within the Netherlands was startled when he discovered a uncommon and evasive creature, sea lamprey, washed ashore.

This ‘vampire fish’, as it’s known as resulting from its nature to extract the blood of its prey, was found on the Dutch island of Texel, stories UK-based Metro newspaper.

“I all the time have my eye out when driving on the seashore for different fascinating finds, and I noticed a big eel-like fish mendacity on the water’s edge when driving by,” he was quoted as saying.

“I instantly knew it was a sea lamprey, they’re unimaginable fish. They resemble eels however they’re jawless fish, they’ve a disc-like mouth stuffed with tooth.”

“I’ve by no means discovered one on the seashore. They’re wonderful, nearly alien-like wanting fish, with an equally wonderful way of life,” he added.

Recognized for sucking and ingesting the blood of its prey, the seam lamprey is taken into account elusive because it was final sighted on the island in 2017.

In line with specialists, the almost three-foot-long fish is extremely previous. They belong to the oldest group of vertebrates, the Agnatha, which existed greater than 400 million years in the past earlier than there have been fish with jaws.

The ocean creature was later given to Ecomare, a nature museum, aquarium and sanctuary for seals and birds.

In line with museum officers, sea lampreys are primarily discovered within the spring after they migrate from the ocean to freshwater to spawn.

It’s mentioned that sea lampreys would not have a jaw however as a substitute have a sucker-shaped mouth with tooth in it—which they use it to assault fish and suck the blood out.

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